Journey to Taraan, a desert planet with a mystical energy at its core that powers the ARC – an ancient device that allows you to control and manipulate the fabric of time. Take on the role of Hadrian, who is thrust into the midst of a revolution on the rise, where he must master the powers of time to free his people from the bondages of oppression from the evil Kasaar.


The ARC is an ancient weapon of great power and terrible destruction with the rare ability to pull time apart and then throw it back together. Create a tear in reality, banish foes to other dimensions of time, teleport to places in time lost to history and avoid death itself by reversing time. Anything is possible with the power of the ARC funneling through your arm. Doubling as a weapon, combine the time powers by discharging bursts of energy, destroying man and machine alike.


In any given moment, across multiple dimensions of time, there are infinite versions of you – some working towards a common goal. With the power of the ARC, the boundaries between one dimension and another dissolve, as you work with endless versions of yourself to achieve victory.