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From Steam Greenlight to Now

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On the 4th of September, 2015 ARC Continuum was posted on Steam Greenlight. On the 15th we got through, with overwhelming support from the community. We were blown away by the percentage of yes votes, hundreds of positive comments and the speed which we raced through. Up until now we have been conservative with what we share as we locked down mechanics, style and development pipelines. But now that things are in full swing we will be releasing weekly development blogs, where we can share our vision for the game with you and some of the techniques we are using the make the best game we possibly can.

Arc Continuum Greenlight

Since then we have been very, very busy getting ARC Continuum from its early concept/Alpha stage to a point where we are ready to really showcase it with the community. The offices of Akimbo Creations have expanded to accommodate the growing team as we bring in more passionate and talented artists, designers and programmers. We have used this talent to skyrocket the game forward, improving the art style, game systems and content within the game. In the next coming weeks we look forward to sharing with you the progress we have made and providing an inside look at some behind the scenes of what it takes to make an indie game with the quality we are aiming for.

Arc Continuum character transformation

With ARC Continuum we aim to deliver a game from an Indie team, with an indie budget that can compete with the triple A titles out there in terms of visuals, storytelling and gameplay. We believe that the tools are out there now to create realistic animation, high quality art, cool particle effects and beautiful lighting. With a clear focus on what we want to achieve we can ensure we spend our precious time only on what will push ARC Continuum to greater heights.

The next few weeks will be big for ARC Continuum, we have a few big announcements on the way and a lot of great content we can’t wait to share. Next week we will begin to dive into the mechanics of ARC Continuum and talk about some of the fantastic way you can bend time to your will with the ARC. If you want to be the first to know when we post new blogs, videos, artwork or more be sure to subscribe to our mailing list! Subscribers will receive promotional material such as digital posters, the chance to get access to the beta and more!

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