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Combat: Developing the Fluidity and Fun

For the ultimate combat experience in game play, there are three aspects that every player looks into: fluid actions, satisfying kills, and overall, a darn fun experience. Incorporating all of these into ARC Continuum is no easy feat – it takes a lot of time and brainstorming, but as we progress our hero’s weaponry and powers are becoming more and more sophisticated. How did we get to that level? One of our game developers, Zack Bryan broke it down for us. Here are some interesting bits about Arc Continuum’s combat development.

Weaponry and Combat

Designing weapons for combat is no small feat. There are so many variables and odd little things that you have to pay attention to while designing weapons for combat. In ARC Continuum, these weapons will be with you for the entirety of the game. If they’re not fun, how will the game be fun?

Our weapons started off with just the Machine Gun, and that was it. As we continued through development, we felt that combat was lacking. So after many discussions, we decided to follow the classic archetype of weapons and created the Shotgun and Sniper to go along with the Machine Gun.

Arc Continuum combat

Sniper in Action

But how would these new weapon types affect how a player uses powers with their weapons? Our next step was tuning – making sure that our weapons are fun as hell alone, and even better when combined with the other powers.

Combining Power and Weapons

When creating the combat for ARC Continuum, our biggest challenge was: how do we make it so the player can utilize both weapons and powers together? We were really focused on making sure that the player would be able to use their powers in a way that would suit their method of gameplay. This is still something we’re continuing to improve as we go through development.

We wanted the player to be able to look at their arsenal of weapons and powers and have the possibility to combine them, or find strong and unique combinations to overcome the enemies that they’ll face.  For example, you can use Time Slow on a group of enemies and then use the Machine Gun or Shotgun for maximum effectiveness at close range. Or use Time slow on a group of enemies to keep them together while you use Time Vortex to get the best results as the enemies can’t escape the force.

Blink and Dash are primarily meant for traversal, but in combat they can be just as useful as any of your powers. With Dash you can get yourself face to face with an enemy and quickly take them out with a point-blank shotgun blast and call it a day. Or you can use Blink to get yourself to higher elevations for prime sniping opportunities.


We mentioned earlier that we are still at the tuning phase; we want both the weapons and powers work great by themselves but even better together. Tuning is a time consuming nightmare, cause all you want is to make sure it feels good. But the difference between good and bad could literally be changing the effective range by 0.5 or adding a bit of recoil and a new particle. To try and find the best results, we actually created our own little shooting range in engine so we could test stuff like; projectile spread, recoil, damage and effective range.

We are still working hard to tweak and improve the combat but we are very excited with the progress we have made so far – we can’t wait to show you the end result. Here’s a little teaser to get you through the weekend:

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