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Walking into our studio, it is clear that our team loves video games – creating worlds, telling stories, and even creating the technology that allows us to do all these things even better.

Our creative division, coming together to create ARC Continuum, is pushing the boundaries of indie games by developing what we call a Triple-I (III) title – that is, games produced by smaller indie teams with a high production value. With graphic and game technology having made quantum leaps over the past five years, you no longer need a multimillion-dollar budget to make a great game. As the limitations dissolve, our creativity expands. When we hit an obstacle, we either find a solution or make one.

With this spirit, the technology division is developing our proprietary fault tolerant distributed peer-to-peer networking solution that will revolutionise the multiplayer gaming industry with its real time cheat detection. Fusing both the creative and the technical, Akimbo Creations is a place of continuous innovation – no day is ever the same.

At Akimbo Creations, we aren’t here just to make one game, but we are here to build a studio – one that is created and driven by their employees.



We work towards a single goal, and respect all employees and their ideas. We’re creating a studio, not just a game.


We don’t keep ideas locked away in boardrooms. Information flows freely, offering everyone a chance to experiment.


We welcome ideas from all employees, across departmental lines. No one is just a programmer or artist, but a gamer with thoughts, ideas, opinions.

We have a flat hierarchy that encourages innovation to shake things up. At our company, flow of information is encouraged. We create an environment where our employees have the freedom to experiment and generate ideas that will create the best game possible. We want passionate creators and innovators to help deliver the best.

At Akimbo Creations, we believe that the company will succeed only with the right people.  Everyone we bring in is passionate about quality. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of not just technology, but also their own skill set. We are committed to cultivating a creative and productive development environment. Entrepreneurial spirit is not just encouraged but also rewarded.

At Akimbo Creations, we work together as a team towards a collective goal. Creative problem solving is celebrated in our studio and we have done away with micromanagement. We believe that is the best way for our team to succeed, on both a personal and a corporate level.

The bottom line is, we strive to create stunning “III” quality games while not just pushing the boundaries of gaming technologies but our personal ones as well.

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