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Lore - ARC Continuum

Lore: Part 2 – Characters

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Continuing from where we left off last week, we delve deeper into the lore and world of ARC Continuum. Today we will be exploring some of the characters you will encounter while making your way through Taraan.


Taraan is currently under occupation by the Kasaar-a brute scavenger race that is obsessed with galactic domination. The Kasaar first discovered an ARC relic on a distant planet and have been hunting these secret items ever since-constantly craving the power of the ARC.

Our hero, Hadrian, was formerly military personnel and is severely disillusioned with warfare and society as a whole. He has a strong moral compass and a great detestation for the Kasaar but has preferred to stay out their way – until now when he is called to be a guardian of the ARC.

Hadrian joins forces with a mysterious time traveler and fellow guardian of the ARC, Anahita.  She is a fountain of ARC knowledge and has been metaphysically altered by so much time travel that she has lost all sense of who she is-but knows she must stop the Kasaar at all costs.

Anahita ARC Continuum Characters

Get a deeper insight into the various characters of ARC Continuum by checking out the bios below.

Join forces with Hadrian and Anahita to unlock the power of the ARC and control time itself. Only time will tell if you can be trusted with such great power.

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Lore: Part 1

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If you have been following us on social media, you must’ve noticed that we have been teasing the Lore of ARC Continuum. Today, we delve deeper into the world of Taraan and the ARC itself.

Arc ContinuumTaraan is a desert planet born out of chaos on the outer reaches of the known universe, unique for a raw, powerful energy source at its core – Kalatrium, which resonates at the same frequency throughout the multiverse. This energy source is the cradle of Taraanian civilization. For eons, the people of Taraan lived in darkness, until the source revealed itself and the people managed to transform this energy source into light. As society flourished, a select group of people noticed the curious effect this substance had on time and a full scientific inquiry was launched. For years, the scientists could not crack the code of Kalatrium’s structure. It remained a startling mystery they craved to solve, until one woman – Zara – transformed this energy and created the ARC.

Arc ContinuumThe people of Taraan built a great cult around Zara, who would become queen and rule the ancient world, manipulating time and seeming to defy it herself. Get a greater taste of the mythos of this tale, by checking out the video below

Unlock the power of the ARC and manipulate time by signing up for a chance to be ARC Continuum Beta tester today. Only time will tell if you can be trusted with such great power.

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