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time powers - ARC Continuum

Playable Gameplay Preview Update

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In the last couple of weeks we have been working at full steam to build our first playable gameplay preview. A lot has drastically changed since we first started and we have been building multiple features to make ARC Continuum better and better.

In the last few weeks we have made couple of tweaks to various parts of the game, working to improve everything from game mechanics to lighting to new enemies.


The lighting in various sections of the game have been overhauled completely, giving the game a more polished and refined look. The sections you glimpsed from the lore video are now integrated in the game, meaning you will now be able to see ziggurats, symbols and much, much, more as you explore the underground city of Taraan.

Moreover, we updated the textures and models of characters, environments and more. Things are slowly beginning to take shape, invoking a real sensation that you are in the  long lost civilization of Taraan.

We have also refined the character animations of the hero, enemies and NPCs.. Our hero now has a better walk, run and crouch animation in additional to improved idle poses and shooting.

But we are not done yet and have many plans to refine it further.


There’s a new type of enemy in ARC Continuum and it is quite the menace-The Tank aka Dark Colossus. The Tank is a beast of an enemy bringing with it a lot of armour and firepower, however, you have an advantage against it. While not effected by some of the time vortex, it’s movements are quite slow, allowing you to maneuver around it while avoiding the blast of its shotgun.

Implementing an enemy like this in a short period of time was quite the challenge and we are super excited with how far we have come.


Time powers play a fundamental role in ARC Continuum as the ARC allows you to control and manipulate the fabric of time. Since the use of these powers gives you the edge against the brutal Kasaar, we have since refined various time powers such as the Time Vortex and Time Slow.

The Time Vortex now has updated visuals and it no longer explodes on impact but instead has a timed implosion. Time slow is now much stronger, slowing down enemies rate of fire and turning affected enemies blue to easily indicate which are effected.

While these are just some of the things we have refined – we are always continuing to polish the game further as we get closer and closer to completing the first playable gameplay preview. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks and don’t forget to sign up to get an exclusive chance to be a beta tester.

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Time Powers: From Concept to Reality

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For today’s blog post, we interview our Game Director, Derek Tam to explore the unique powers in our game.


Q: What was the design creation process from concept to playable powers in the game?

DT: Designing time powers is not as simple as making something exciting and putting it in the game.  The powers need to go through a few filters.

First we had to explore how time is perceived by the player.  Everyone has a different interpretation about how time exists. For example, going back in time to perform an action should change the future timeline from that point. However, some people believe that a new timeline is created while the old one still exists. There is a great range of possible interpretations of time, it’s such a strong presence in our culture. Then, we had to imagine – what would time feel like on a distant planet, an alien culture. How does time fit into ARC Continuum’s world? This opened up another dimension of possibilities.

Arc Continuum Time Powers - Dash

Time Powers – Dash

From there, we explored how the player could experience these unique time powers. How do we create powers that are universally recognised as being associated with time while still being fun? Time seemed to us most interesting if we could push it to its extreme – this sounds great, but can we maintain the thrill of being all powerful for the entire game? We struggled to design powers that are grandiose and epic while still maintaining replay value.


Q: How did you overcome this conundrum?

DT: After many long debates, we eventually decided that time is still fun to play with on a smaller scale. This fits well into the ARC-Continuum universe. As the narrative continued to grow, we found our direction in thinking in more tangible terms about the ARC itself. As such, we broke time into three elements: spatial, dilation and gravity.  We used these ingredients to flesh out our powers, giving each a distinct purpose within the game.

Arc Continuum Time Powers Blink

Time Powers – Blink


Q: How does this play out in the game?

You have many options throughout the game, but we felt that a power making an enemy slow down (dilation) is a better than making an enemy heavy (gravity). Both these powers come from time, but ultimately time dilation is a better game choice. Be sure to check out the video for more on the time powers!


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